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How to Access Your Inner Joy

Is There A More Effective Way to Be on Your Path?

Intelligent Energy, The Basis for S.U.N. Workshops

A Letter from Yogendra

A Letter from Joanne

How to Access Your Inner Joy

If most people were to look beneath the surface of their lives they would find a feeling of dissatisfaction, a feeling that "there must be more to life than this." In mainstream society a person might try to fill that void with fame, power or possessions. In new age society a person might try to fill that void with vitamins, a mind machine, or going to countless seminars. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with any of these pursuits, however they will not satisfy the hidden yearnings of the heart. Only one thing will – loving union with God.

Intimacy with the Divine

Now for many people the word God conjures up the image of an old man in the sky who watches everything you do very carefully and doesn't approve of most of it. This in not what I am talking about. I am talking about the very deepest part of yourself which is pure love, the deepest part of yourself which already knows what you need and can answer your most profound questions. I believe in a personal God. However you might prefer to use other words such as Source, Cosmic Mind, or your Buddha nature.

The God Within

We are always looking for the answer outside of ourselves. But the truth is that it lies within. In the Gospel According to Luke the Pharisees ask Jesus when the Kingdom of God is coming. He answers them (17:20-21), "The Kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, 'Lo, here it is!' or 'There!' for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you." In the Dhammapada (a collection of the oral teachings of the Buddha) the Buddha says (18:255) "The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart."

The Legacy of the Masters

You were born to have the mind and heart of Jesus. You were born to have the mind and heart of the Buddha. The only question is how do you access that birthright. One thing is certain: no amount of mental understanding will do it. It is one thing to understand the concept that "God is Love"; it is another thing entirely to actually experience the nectar of God's love flowing in your veins, moment to moment, everyday of your life.

The Power of Shakti

The way to self-realization is through the many spiritual practices which have been developed by the world's spiritual traditions. These many practices can be summarized in two categories: meditation and energy work. The teachings of the Spiritual Unfoldment Network emphasize energy work because through our energy initiations we can accelerate the spiritual evolution of many people in a short period of time. By "energy work" we refer specifically to working with "shaktis". For more about shaktis see the article entitled "Is There A More Effective Way To Be On Your Path?" that begins on the first page. What we wish to emphasize is that shaktis are gifts of grace from God. These energies are God in action.

Moving Along Your Path

The great spiritual teachers have taught us that the true source of joy lies not outside of ourselves but in the treasure chest of our own heart. The many beautiful shaktis which God has bestowed upon the world's spiritual traditions are keys to unlocking that chest. The Spiritual Unfoldment Network can help you find the key(s) which best fits your own treasure chest. You are invited to explore our work further. You can do this by coming to an introductory lecture (see page 3), by tuning in to our Sunday transmissions in the privacy of your own home (see page 12), or by attending a class

By Irving Feurst


Is There A More Effective Way to Be on Your Path?

If you're like most people who read our newsletter, you have a sincere interest in personal or spiritual growth and you're open to the possibility of techniques that will assist you to progress faster. This article describes methods which have been used successfully in esoteric traditions for thousands of years, yet are only now starting to become known in our own culture. I have seen these methods create changes not achievable by any other method – changes in my own life and lives of thousands who have taken our workshops.

Utilizing energy is the key to physical vitality and spiritual evolution.

We are surrounded by and are an intimate part of an infinite ocean of energy. This non-physical energy permeates all things, and all living things depend on it for their continued life and health. It is called Prana by the Hindus, Chi by the Chinese, Mana by the Hawaiians. Esoteric traditions of all ages have recognized that a master key to physical vitality and (through raising our vibrational rate) spiritual evolution is the ability to absorb and use this energy.

There are four key ideas about working with these cosmic energies.

(1.) Science defines energy as "the ability to do work" (I would rephrase this as "the ability to produce transformation") and as such, energy has the capacity to produce profound change on any level of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our workshop graduates consistently report dramatic shifts in physical vitality, emotional well-being and relationships, mental clarity, their spiritual life and meditations. Often they start to notice changes after just coming to a demonstration or even just tuning in at home to our weekly transmission.

(2.) Unlike purely physical energies, the energies we are talking about behave intelligently. Some say they are God's gifts to us and are the carriers of divine intelligence; others prefer to say they are linked in to cosmic mind. To give one of many implications of this fact, you can use these energies to do chakra work or energy balancing that goes far beyond more commonly known methods. Just as a high speed computer can do thousands of additions per second, these energies can do many times what we can, when we rely only on our own intelligence.

(3.) There are many cosmic energies, not just one. Different spiritual traditions work with very different kinds of energies. For example a representative Buddhist energy and a representative Hindu energy are quite different – have different colors, textures, do different things, etc.. Just as people respond very differently to different physical energies (e.g. that in music or food), they respond differently to the energies of different traditions. This is why the S.U.N. network works with energies from different cultures and why it is good to experiment to find the one that is best for you.

(4.) Through a profound initiation involving a permanent empowerment of your energy field, you can acquire the ability to access energies that would otherwise take decades of meditation. Historically these kinds of initiations were done only by gurus. Now there are organizations, like S.U.N., doing this. All of our workshops are initiation workshops in which you receive powerful energies. You can access them at any time for yourself or others through mentally directing the flow (no visualization, mantras, etc.) thereby avoiding dependence on others.

Because the energies S.U.N. works with were specifically chosen to be the most effective from hundreds of initiations I have received, you will find them to be unlike any others available to the public. We believe we are setting the standard for subtle energy work. Come to a demonstration or tune in at home to our weekly transmission and experience them for yourself!

by Irving Feurst


Intelligent Energy TM  – The Basis of S.U.N Workshops

One of the unique and beneficial (and amazing) properties of the energies used by the S.U.N. Network is that they are "intelligent". Many believe they are much more intelligent than the human mind or the most sophisticated computers. And, with the training provided by the S.U.N. classes, an individual is empowered to access these energies and direct them with mere "intention".

Intelligent energy:

1. Can be programmed to optimize its effectiveness.

2. Becomes more effective and powerful with usage.

3. Can be calibrated to operate at variable intensities.

4. Teaches itself to be more effective.

5. Works with the individual to create more inspired ways to be used.

6. Helps connect the individual to other energies and guides.

7. Is available in an infinite number of varieties.

8. Can be used to help others or can be transmitted to them at a distance for their benefit.

9. Can be effective when used by intention or can be put on "automatic pilot".

10. Can be utilized while awake or while sleeping.

11. Works together with, and even enhances other practices.

12. Is provided by the grace of God, and works independently of any religion or belief system.

It is impossible to convey in words how extraordinary this energy really is. For a direct experience of "intelligent energy", attend one of our free introductory demonstrations, or sign up for a class.


A Letter from Yogendra

In the East I often heard "when you are ready, there will be a teacher waiting." There is a headiness in assuming that I am ready for all that the S.U.N. Network is presenting. I had been looking for you, Irving, for a long time, on a path that had led to many doorways: Gestalt and Rogerian therapy, TM Meditation, Esalen Institute, LSD therapy in Holland, growth group work with Michael Tophoff in Europe, Rolfing, Tibetan Buddhism, sanyas in India with Baghwan Rajneesh, Vipassana meditation, Tai Chi, and several years of work in healing with Rosalyn Breuyere. The only thread that held all of these beads was meditation – everyday (with very few exceptions) for over ten years, religiously I stuck to it. But what I had attained, for the most part, was a string of beads; I had become a peddler with a bag of tricks. The real goal still eluded me.


I began to notice announcements for "Energy Work from Around the World." As Irving transmitted energy, I felt a cool wind on my face. It blew through my soul right into my heart. I was in love. Anything that I can feel in my body I believe is real. Matter-of-factly Irving told me "You can learn to do this too." His voice was so calm, so sure, I believed him. Energy rushed into my head, tingling at my Third Eye. "Is this where I will finally learn to 'run energy'?" And, indeed, I did learn. I took courses in Drisana and tried once again on my son to see if he could feel anything: "What is that, Dad? It feels like tingling or prickles of electricity."

Equally important is my own spiritual development, my prayer, my devotion to God enhanced by energy practices to increase spiritual awareness and understanding. For all of this and so much more, I thank you.

Anand Yogendra


A Letter from Joanne

In April ’96 I attended my second S.U.N. Network class - the first in a year long series called "A Tour of the Angelic Kingdom". Irving looked around the room and noted the wide range of experience of the students. He saw clairvoyantly that some had been working with angels for years, while there were a few that didn’t know for sure that angels existed. I was in the latter category. I have taken many classes since then. The initiations themselves, the background information about the structure of the universe, and Irving’s easy presence as teacher all impact strongly. It is not an exaggeration to say that every aspect of my life is enhanced and transformed.

I’ve always had a strong personal response to the powerful climactic scene of William Gibson’s play, "The Miracle Worker", based on Helen Keller’s childhood at the time her teacher, Anne Sullivan, arrived. I used to have a photo of that scene by the well at the miraculous moment when seven year old Helen, blind and deaf since 18 months of age, finally understands that there is language - that there is a word for the water splashing over her hands. In that instant, after five years in silence and darkness, the world opens for her. I looked at that photo for years longing for something I might experience or be shown that would so dramatically alter and clearly illuminate my consciousness and perception. I have been blessed with the answer to that longing.

My heart is open. I have more physical energy. Teaching the simplest of t’ai chi forms, I am more cognitively and experientially grounded when I speak of receiving energy from both the earth and universe. Sharing bodywork, I can also offer to run a variety; of energies. I experience more patience, compassion and calm objectivity about our situations and lessons. Settling inward, I am blessed and grateful to know there is more order and support from the universe that I ever imagined.

Thank you, S.U.N., for sharing these gifts and this knowledge with such clarity and kindness.

Joanne Sultar



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