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S.U.N. Disclaimers

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S.U.N. makes no medical claims for any of our work. Although historically one of the reasons people have worked with shakti is because of a belief some energies can heal, S.U.N. makes no medical claims. No statement made by S.U.N. materials, teachers or students should be interpreted as making or implying a medical claim, in whole or in part.

When we use the word "heal" we do so in a spiritual sense, not a medical sense – even if we do not state so explicitly for every single use. The words "heal" and "whole" come from the same Old English root. To be healed spiritually with respect to an issue is to become whole with respect to that issue. For example, it may involve not a cure but being at peace with the fact that there is no cure.

If you have a medical condition, please seek the advice of a licensed health practitioner. In no case should S.U.N. practices or statements made by S.U.N. materials, teachers or students contribute to the delay or omission of appropriate medical treatment.

S.U.N. prides itself on making available energies that are not only extraordinarily effective but also extraordinarily safe. However, we do not assume responsibility for the effects of any S.U.N. initiations or any practices coming from S.U.N. materials, teachers or students.

It is S.U.N. policy that the above statements be presented in each issue of our newsletter, at the front of materials for each class, at all S.U.N. talks and demonstrations, and at the beginning of individual work with any S.U.N. teacher. It will be assumed that anyone participating in a class or individual work is familiar with and accepts these statements.


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