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Ways to Experience
S.U.N Workshops

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Although S.U.N. uses a subtle energy technology which allows for distant transmission of initiations, you have a substantial advantage by taking classes in person. You can then receive additional energy work from some very powerful spiritual guides.

Whenever an energy initiation associated with a particular spiritual lineage is given, guides associated with that lineage appear, and facilitate the initiation process. In addition these spiritual guides may do very transformative energy work (i.e. not part of the official program) with some or all of those attending. Because S.U.N. is associated with so many different lineages, an unusually large number of spiritual guides appear at S.U.N. workshops. Many of these guides are associated with the Western Mystery School tradition of group initiation, and appear only when two or more students are in the class. (Mystery School guides will still appear if the students are not physically in the same location, i.e. they could be participating in a conference call or an on-line course).

There are other "networking" guides who encourage S.U.N. to fulfill its mission of using energy work to unite the peoples of the world. They appear only when two or more students are physically present in the same location—and can therefore engage in a heartfelt exchange of feelings and ideas which is not otherwise possible.

While attending courses, many students (and S.U.N. teachers as well), have received energy work from the Mystery School or networking guides, that has equaled or even exceeded the importance of the course initiation. Both the Mystery School and networking guides never make an exception for any reason to their policy of working only in groups of two or more-- to do so would violate the very reason for their existence.

It is therefore definitely to your advantage to take a S.U.N. class as part of a group of two or more students physically present in the same location. We realize that for some people this may involve traveling a long distance. We in the Western world are not as accustomed as those in the East to the idea of going on a journey to receive a spiritual initiation. But why should we be willing to travel long distances on business trips, on vacations, or to visit a friend, but not be willing to travel for our own spiritual evolution?

2.  Arrange for a S.U.N. Teacher to Come to Your Location

Another way to receive the additional benefits of taking a class in person is to have a S.U.N. teacher come to your area. Many S.U.N. teachers are willing to travel to give classes, provided that there are enough students. If you wish to arrange for S.U.N. classes in an area where they are not already being taught, call one of the members of our Travel Committee:

Loretta Metzger (Chairperson) - (925) 954-7908
Judith Tripp - (415) 552-4546

The members of the travel committee will then collectively determine if there is a teacher willing to travel to your area and who, among all the teachers who travel, is the best match for your workshop. Please note that because of his demanding schedule, Irving Feurst, the S.U.N. Network founder and director, rarely teaches courses other than those already listed in the Workshop Schedule.

3.  Receive Distant Transmissions by Telephone or an On-Line Course.

Most S.U.N. initiations can be received by distant transmission, however this is the least preferred way (for the reasons given in "1" above).

For a list of courses which can not be received by distant transmission see "5" below. In receiving a distant transmission, the standard way is to receive it as part of a telephone or on-line course with a S.U.N. teacher—i.e. the teacher is doing a regular course but over the telephone or on-line instead of in person. We recommend that at least part of any distant course be over the telephone.

According to the S.U.N. Teaching Code, all students receive the same quality course, regardless of the size of the class or whether it is being done in person or at a distance. When S.U.N. courses are taught in person, the teacher pauses after each attunement to give participants time to be aware of and integrate their experiences – and also to discuss the experience, and to ask any questions.

We have found that some of the most profound spiritual experiences occur at the moment of the initiation itself or during this vital pause. This pause after each attunement is also an integral part of a telephone or on-line course. Expect that a telephone or on-line course will be only slightly shorter than an "In-person" course. The teacher will not hurry through the initiations at your request—you are only cheating yourself by asking them to violate the S.U.N. Teaching Code.

4. Find out about the New Distant Courses, the Enhanced Classic Courses on CD, Mysteries of Nephthys or the Previous Distant Courses.

5. Courses to Be Taught Under Special Circumstances.

Enhancing Energy Blessings From The Stars, Level 1- Because of the frequencies of these initiations, the class must be experienced in person.

Courses not listed in the Workshop Schedule:
Not all courses are offered in each quarter, but may be offered at the discretion of S.U.N. Teachers. Contact a S.U.N. Teacher for details. You may request that a teacher schedule an additional workshop at a different time or location. Some teachers prefer to work this way. Please note that only advanced teachers (as noted on the Teacher's Page) can teach workshops marked with an asterisk.

Courses taught only by Irving Feurst:
Some specialized courses are taught only by Irving Feurst, the S.U.N. Network founder and director. These Courses are only taught live once. Unless the course states it must be taken in person, these courses may be taken by ordering tapes of the class. If interested, please contact the S.U.N. Office.



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