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The teachers listed below are the only certified S.U.N. Teachers. S.U.N. Classes taught by others (on ebay and elsewhere) claiming to have the ability to pass on the attunements do not. Those listed have all had a minimum of a year of intense private and in-class training with Irving Feurst, the founder and director of S.U.N. You will find them all to be among the most accomplished energy workers anywhere! A number of them also offer private sessions.


Some teachers schedule more classes than can be listed in the newsletter and some teachers prefer to schedule classes when they are contacted rather than in advance. The S.U.N. office does not maintain lists of these other options; please call the teachers directly if you are interested! 


Check the schedule for classes currently offered. If classes you want are not listed in this calendar period, look at the Teacher Directory to call a teacher in your area. 


In the U. S.: San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Worldwide: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England (U.K.), France, Holland, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and Wales.

If you would like to inquire about planning classes in other locations, contact the chairperson of the S.U.N. Travel Committee, Loretta Metzger, by telephone at (925) 954-7908, email her at, or call a S.U.N. teacher near you.

Irving Feurst**☼ 
Hercules, CA
Mary Broyles Half Moon Bay, CA 650 726-9758
Gil Chasin* L.A./San Diego, CA 949-338-9987
Carlotta Christy Charlestown, RI 402-741-5230  
Christine Clements*☼ Berkeley, CA
Chris Deefholts Welshpool, Wales 01938 580108
Ira Hilf*☼ Las Vegas, NV 702-750-9020
Kathy Hilf*☼ Las Vegas, NV 702-750-9020
Marie Larson (unavailable) (unavailable)
Anni Law*☼ Sonoma, CA 707-888-6887
Petya Lowe* Tokyo, Japan 819 06107 4968
John Masters Haiku, Hawaii 808-878-8275
Jeanne McGinnis* Vallejo, CA 707-563-7238
S. B. Meridian* Berkeley, CA 510-526-8571 
Loretta Metzger*☼ Walnut Creek, CA 925-954-7908
Michael Quirke* San Francisco, CA 415-820-3943
Keith Rector*☼ Reno, NV 831-479-3296
Marcie Rose Santa Cruz/L.A., CA 831-297-0320
Gabriel Sakakeeny San Francisco, CA 707-484-5448 
Shoadire Sheppard*☼ (Emily) Jamaica, NY 347-834-7628
Margo Shimasaki Humboldt County, CA 707-826-7346
Jean Sibley* Santa Cruz, CA 831-419-1909
Carol Singler*☼ Occidental, CA 707-874-3995
Philmore Steele* San Francisco, CA 415-339-8309
Hari Tahil* Tokyo, Japan 818 05069 1714
Rose Tait* V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria 359 879868677
Fran Tielemans*☼ Belgium 00322 051 697571 
Judith Tripp* Marin, CA 415-552-4546
Jenny Turner* Surrey, UK 44(0) 7916308612  
Anastasy Tynan Petaluma, CA 707-696-4408
Susie Wasserman* Milwaukee, WI 414-961-0649 
Ursula Weltman*☼ Minneapolis, MN 612-788-6348 
Anand Yogendra Tucson, AZ 520-577-1114
Laura Zealey*☼ Cambridge, UK 01223-833037

Note: An asterisk after a teacher's name indicates certification to teach courses
marked * in the Workshop Schedule. Teachers names followed by a ☼ may teach
courses so marked. Courses marked ** are taught only by Irving Feurst.


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