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S.U.N. Network classes are unique in their variety and transformative power. People at all levels of experience attend our classes – from complete beginners to professional energyworkers. Students receive "attunements" which are permanent empowerments of their subtle energy field. This is what gives them the capability to do the "work".

Many teachers are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as throughout the United States, and in Europe and Asia. Each period of four months, many classes and demonstrations are offered at convenient times on various evenings and weekends.

Classes are very modestly priced with most introductory seminars starting at under $100 for a full day. (Some of the angel classes cost $55 or less.) Even our advanced classes cost much less than those of the few comparable organizations doing this level of work. Some topics are completely covered in just one class, while others are part of a series which can be taken over several months or years.

Each student is given personalized instruction and a workbook which guides the student in practice at home. Practice can be for whatever amount of time desired and progress is made accordingly. This can range from 15 - 20 minutes 3 - 4 times per week to as much as several hours each day. Optionally, guidance from our teachers, individual sessions, and free group meetings are available.

Even taking the first course in a series is a complete training of its own and will provide the student with opportunities for a lifetime of practice. New classes are being offered on a quarterly basis to expand the selection and to provide experiences that more closely match the ever-changing needs of the students.

In the S.U.N. workshops you will:

  • Accelerate your transformation at every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – beyond what you have believed was possible.
  • Receive powerful initiations ("shakti").
  • Direct energy purely by intention to create the desired experience.
  • Release blocks which prevent you from manifesting your true nature.
  • Directly experience the love of the God within you.
  • Become connected in a very deep way with higher guidance: angels, guides and your Higher Self.
  • Use S.U.N. teachings to enhance other abilities you may have acquired in the past or might obtain in the future (such as Reiki, NLP, visualization, meditation, etc.)
  • Prepare yourself to go on to advanced work if desired. (But at no time will you ever be pressured to do so.) 

For more information, see Ways to Experience SUN Workshops.

Which Class is Best for You?

1.  Read the Huna, Drisana and Miraculous Vessels descriptions under Workshops.  Does your intuition guide you towards one or the other? Still not sure? Attend a free Experiential Introduction, or call a teacher in your area to receive a energy sample while you are on the phone. Just the first level of either system provides the serious spiritual seeker with a complete repertoire of energy exercises for daily work on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

2.  Still undecided? Start by taking either Working with your Guardian Angel for Guidance and Protection — This helps one connect with one’s "Higher Self", or Your Rainbow Heart — This helps open one’s heart. Read more about these in under Workshops.

3.  Experience S.U.N energywork through one of our Free Previews.

Note about meditation:   The S.U.N Network considers meditation to be the key foundation of daily practice — which then can be supplemented with energywork. Meditation helps manifest our own inner divinity — that spark of God that is in all of us. We refer here to classical practices such as mantra, breath, or mindfulness meditation. To find a meditation group in your area glance through a New Age or spiritual magazine or browse your local Metaphysical bookstore.



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