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Angels are real. Working with them opens a realm of possibilities that cannot be accessed in any other way.

Angels can help you to achieve your life purpose, feel more alive, open your heart, live your dreams and understand Life more fully than you ever imagined. To work deeply with angels you must understand their true nature and purpose; you need to see through the many myths that exist in the popular literature.

What are angels? First of all, angels are not dead people with wings! They are a separate class of spiritual beings. The word "angel" comes from a Greek word meaning "messenger' and that is exactly what they are emissaries from the realm of the Divine. As such their primary purpose is to help us in our personal and (particularly) spiritual evolution. Angels are not here just to make our life more comfortable they are not cosmic vending machines! On the other hand, most traditional ways of thinking about angels fail to understand the many down to earth ways that angels will help us.

How do angels accomplish their work? Angels expect you to do some of the work; they will work with you but not for you. Angels have the power to affect events in the external world but their preference is to help you change yourself. For example, an angel can help you work through internal blocks to prosperity or inspire you to create new life circumstances.

Angels help you primarily in two ways: by sending you information and by doing very advanced energy work with you. In doing energy work, an angel will use what is called a shakti, an energy that is the carrier of divine intelligence. Anyone can receive help from angels but you will get the most benefit if you either can tune in directly to the information or are sensitive to subtle energy.

How do you attract angels into your life? One does not attract angels into one's life by using "magical" words or symbols, by wearing certain color clothes, etc. Angels are spiritual beings. If it is appropriate for an angel to work with you, all you have to do is ask.

So what determines appropriateness? The complete answer to that question, like other questions about the divine plan, is one of life's mysteries. But certain things are clear. You must be sincere. Angels will not help you to accomplish things which will harm yourself or others. You must also be emotionally and spiritually mature enough to benefit from the angel's help.

While it is not a requirement that you read a book or go to a class, taking a class can help you get the most out of your relationship with the angel. Also, certain kinds of work do require being initiated by another person. One reason for this is that grounding the energies of certain initiations in a human energy field requires the freely given cooperation of a teacher, such as a S.U.N. teacher, who has been trained in very specific star tetrahedron techniques.

Why take a S.U.N. angel workshop? Although there are many excellent angel workshops, S.U.N. angel workshops are not quite like any others. To begin with, they are designed to benefit everyone from those who aren't yet sure that angels even exist to those who have worked with angels for many years. Although anyone can take our workshops, you will benefit the most if you either can tune in directly to the information the angels send you or you can feel subtle energy.

Certainly there is information in our angel workshops, but the most important part of the workshops are the initiations you receive. Different initiations do different things, including permanently transforming your energy body so that the angels can do deeper work on you and giving you energetic tools from the angels that you can use in an ongoing way to work on yourself or others. The initiations that you receive in S.U.N. workshops are among the most powerful available. Even people who themselves teach angel workshops have been astonished at how transformative our workshops are!

Angel Workshops $65 each:

Working With Your Guardian Angel For Guidance & Protection: Learning to work closely with your guardian angel is one of the most important and life-changing steps you can take. This workshop contains specific information useful to everyone, from those who aren’t convinced yet they have a guardian angel to those who are already expert at this kind of work and are ready to learn methods previously available only in certain mystery schools.

Working with the Angel of Abundance: "Abundance" refers to all forms of abundance, not only to financial abundance. In this life-changing course, receive attunements designed by the angel to help you become more abundant, to increase your ability to communicate with and receive energy from this angel, and enable you to benefit more from an ongoing relationship with the angel.

Working with the Angel of Creative Wisdom: This angel is one of the twenty two primary angels worked with in the ancient mystery schools. It can help you manifest Higher Mind in your life in a very practical, creative way. Through working with it you can increase you ability to work with any other guides. Its ultimate goal is to enable you to embody Higher Mind as a natural, spontaneous overflowing of the Godhead.

Working with the Angel of Power & Integrity: The true source of our power (power "to" not power "over") and integrity is the Divine. Greater access to this source is blocked by the ego, which taps in only partially and tries to convince us it is the originator. The solution is not to "destroy" the ego but to make it more transparent, to see through it and to let in more light. In this workshop you will begin a 7-day Dissolution of the Persona Initiation and a 21-day Transformation of the Ego Initiation, which come from and will be overseen by the angel.

Working With the Angel of Unconditional Love & Freedom: Permanently transform the ability of your heart to give and receive love with personalized energy work and ancient mystery school initiations from this extraordinarily beautiful and powerful angel.

The World of Angels -- Try this Test

Our workshops are designed to be of benefit to anyone, but to see if you are one of those who will get the most from them (or if the angels are advising you to do one), take this simple test. Many of the very powerful angels S.U.N. works with have agreed to help anyone who sincerely does this.

1.  Take five minutes to prepare yourself for the steps below. Relax. Examine your motives for working with angels. Release any preconceptions you have about working with angels. Be open to new experiences!

2. Ask the angel to take five minutes to introduce itself to you and to reveal itself to you in whatever way is most appropriate for you. Don't expect the angel to materialize in the room; this seldom happens. Instead the angel may send you a mental image. The image need not look like a traditional angel; it could take whatever form is right for you. Or you may sense the energy field of the angel. Or just feel a presence, perhaps in your heart. The angel may send you information, but leave it up to the angel to decide if this is best.

3. Ask the angel to do five minutes of whatever energy work is most appropriate. Leave it up to the angel to decide what is best. If you have a significant experience in either step 2 or step 3, you are particularly likely to benefit from a S.U.N. workshop.

If you're not sure what to make of the results, contact your nearest S.U.N. teacher with your questions.

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See the Teacher's Directory for teachers certified to teach courses marked with an asterisk (*).

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Base Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80

This initiation from the angelic kingdom results in a truly profound opening of the base chakra. A common problem with getting the base chakra open is that it clses down again as soon as we encounter the stresses of daily living. This initiation also places a shield around the base chakra that protects you from negative influences in your environment. A remarkable property of the shield is that, rather than causing you to feel separate from your environment, it actually helps you feel more connected to life. In this series, Level I courses are prerequisite for the Level II classes.

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Brow Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80
Same course content as “Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Base Chakra” (above), but for opening the brow chakra.

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Crown Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80
Same course content as “Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Base Chakra” (above), but for opening the crown chakra.

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Heart Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80
Same course content as “Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Base Chakra” (above), but for opening the heart chakra.

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Second Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80
Same course content as “Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Base Chakra” (above), but for opening the second chakra.

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Solar Plexus Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80
Same course content as “Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Base Chakra” (above), but for opening the solar plexus chakra.

Angelic Opening & Shielding of the Throat Chakra, Levels I* & II* $80
Same course content as “Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Base Chakra” (above), but for opening the throat chakra.

Awakening the Pineal Gland, I* & II* $80
Your pineal gland has many key metaphysical and spiritual functions — including clairvoyance, linking you to your Higher Self, and accessing advanced states of consciousness. This initiation uses a beautiful golden energy to permanently heighten functioning of your pineal. Level I is a prerequisite for Level II.

The Bliss of Osiris, I $255
This ancient Egyptian initiation empowers you to access a wondrous, beautiful energy, leading to the highest meditative absorption in God. It is more balanced than most Eastern energies used for this purpose and it grounds divine bliss throughout the body, leading to states of vibrant, sensual aliveness.

The Bliss of Osiris, II* $355
The Level 2 initiation makes all application of the previous initiation significantly more powerful. It gives you specific techniques for using The Bliss of Osiris as tantric sex shakti and as a dream shakti, facilitating lucid dreaming and enabling you to access profoundly beautiful and enlightening energies while asleep. Level I is a prerequisite for Bliss of Osiris II.

Building Your Antahkarana* $80
The antahkarana is the link between your personality and your higher self; it is composed of matter from the higher mental planes. Anyone who has engaged in any spiritual practices has worked at building their antahkarana, whether they realized it or not. However, you can only go so far in your spiritual evolution without working at this consciously. This course contains attunements for strengthening the antahkarana and specific procedures hidden “between the lines” in the Bailey writings.

Crystal Empowerment Workshop $55
To take this workshop, you need not have any previous experience working with crystals or gemstones, however it is essential that you be able to feel crystal energy. Through empowerments of your energy field, you will become able to magnify tenfold the energy field of a crystal or gemstone. You will have entirely new ways of: clearing and programming crystals, contacting your higher self, and making gem stone elixirs. Please bring a singly terminated quartz crystal and several favorite gemstones.

Empowering the Lord’s Prayer $80
Many students of Eastern traditions are surprised to find that recitation of the Lord’s Prayer brings in an energy every bit as powerful as the energies brought in by the mantras of those traditions. Jesus was heir to the Kabbalistic tradition of Jewish mysticism and the energy brought in by the Lord’s Prayer is a beautiful variation of a classic Kabbalistic energy. It is not necessary for anyone to take this course in order to bring in the energy, however receiving the initiation multiplies the power of the energy manyfold (just as receiving the initiation for an Eastern mantra makes it “jagrata” or “awakened” and increases its power manyfold). Jesus gave this same initiation to his twelve disciples. It brings in an energy which opens the heart and brings one closer to God.

Enhancing Energy Blessings from the Stars Level I $60
This course significantly increases the effectiveness of all the initiations in the book Energy Blessings From The Stars. Like the initiations in the book, the initiations in this course are autonomous (self-activating). See page 16 for a description of the book. Requirements: You must have (1) completed all the initiations in the book (which takes about two months), after which, (2) if you wish to take the class, you must take it in person.

Experiencing Your Heart’s Desire $55
Do you have a dream that you have never acted on? Have you ever worked hard to get something, only to realize that it wasn’t what you really wanted after all? Are you undecided about what you want or the best way to get it? The initiations in this course significantly increase your ability to identify your innermost desires and to go after them.

Kundalini Water $45
This course empowers you to charge water with an energy that activates kundalini in a very powerful but completely safe way. The presence of the water balances the fire of the kundalini, preventing problems which often arise from kundalini. The water also enables the kundalini energy to be carried deeper into the structure of the cell than is typically the case.

Mantra Angels $65
In this course one of the great secrets of how mantras work will be revealed, namely the existence of mantra angels. These angels are now ready to systematically begin empowering mantras in a deeper way than done previously. You will be introduced to how mantra angels work and receive empowerments for three classical mantras: Om, Om Namah Shivaya, and Om Mani Padme Hum.

The Meridian Flush, I & II* $80
An activatable attunement (for yourself or others) that runs for 5 hours straight and does the most thorough job of clearing the meridians of anything we know. Level I is a prerequisite for Level II.

Moving Towards Freedom $105
A continuous transmission of a very unusual energy. One exposure to this energy results in a permanent 30% reduction in the strength of one’s negative patterns. The energy works by reducing the strength of the impulses going from the etheric brain to the nervous system when the pattern becomes active.

Nectar of the Sphinx $80
This initiation from one of the three primary ancient Egyptian mystery schools enables you to send out from your heart chakra a “plum-like” nectar which spreads throughout the physical and subtle bodies, dispelling fear-based emotions and thoughts. In ancient times it was said that those who had this initiation, over time, became literally fearless.

Neriya I – V* $405–$605
Drisana is the most comprehensive energy system available to the public today. Neriya accelerates spiritual evolution more than any other system currently available. Drisana III is a Prerequisite.

Phoenix Rising, I $80
This mythical Egyptian bird has become a symbol of long life and even immortality. Although the bird itself is mythical, its esoteric reference is to an energy which is quite real. No, we’re not promising you immortality! However, since ancient times there have been extraordinary stories of the rejuvenatory power of these energies. Clairvoyant observations and personal feedback convince us these stories are substantially true. If you take the workshop, you can decide for yourself!

Phoenix Rising, II* $105
Strengthens all the attunements from Phoenix Rising I. Requires no new practices. Level I is a prerequisite for Level II.

The Power and Mystery of Gayatri $80
Called “the Sound of Light,” the Gayatri mantra has for thousands of years been considered the most sacred of all mantras in Hinduism. In this workshop you will be initiated into an extraordinary system of total transformation based on the Gayatri mantra. Through S.U.N. this system is now being taught outside of India for the first time

The Red Ankh, I & II* $65
This is an ancient Egyptian initiation for developing spiritual clairvoyance. Compared to ordinary clairvoyance, fully developed spiritual clairvoyance allows you to see all the frequencies of subtle energy. Level I is a prerequisite for Level II.

Releasing Past Life Karma* $80
Most work on releasing the influences of past lives focuses on the recall of dramatic events. In reality, what is most important is neither recall nor working with dramatic episodes but the energetic release of the samskara—a Sanskrit term meaning the limiting influences on our thoughts, feelings and actions built up through many past lives. This course gives you a comprehensive system for working with your samskara as they are ready to release.

The Twelve Ray Energy System* $405
All energies are some combination of the twelve rays of creation. Usually the ray proportions are fixed. In this system the ray proportions can shift significantly and so it is one of the most unusual and useful energy systems you will ever experience! This system can be used to permanently increase the strength of any other subtle energy or subtle energy product.

Working with Planetary Triangles Level I $80
The most effective way to tap into the energies of the planets is to work with them in groups of three (the groupings being determined by their esoteric ray alignments). In this workshop you will receive unusually potent initiations for bringing in and grounding the energies of ten planetary triangles—including those for manifestation, balancing male and female energy, realizing your soul purpose, releasing past life karma, and clairvoyance. You will also receive initiations for working with the angels associated with the planets.

Your Rainbow Heart $55
An extraordinary new energy system with activatable attunements for developing seven key qualities of heart: love, joy, compassion, courage, zest, faith and serenity. These beautiful, deeply fulfilling rainbow energies can be used for yourself or up to a roomful of others. The system comes from Tara, the Tibetan benefactress.

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