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Series of Distant Lessons Available

In the Egyptian pantheon, Nephthys is the sister of Isis. She has been called "The Hidden One", "Goddess of Sleep", and the "Lady of the Mansion". She is associated with emotions, the deep waters of the unconscious, the shadow and with sacred geometry.

This series is available as a distant course and may be started at any time. The series will develop the hidden power and abilities of your chakras, help you learn to see the sacred in ordinary life, make full use of your dreams for personal and spiritual growth, and form or strengthen a new subtle body that accelerates personality/soul fusion. You will also receive energy initiations and information during your sleep that will quicken the time it takes to reach full enlightenment. Another emphasis will be the bringing in of Central Sun frequencies.

Take the first class to find out if the series is for you. There is no prerequisite to take the first class. You will recieve a primary meditation which can lead to enlightenment over time. Each level builds on all the previous ones. This sequence is compatible with any other S.U.N. energy work you may be doing, including Khu, The Egyptian Mystery School.

"This Egyptian series has the most advanced energy work yet available from S.U.N." - Irving Feurst

How To order The Mysteries of Nephthys Distant Lessons:

Each lesson is $80 U.S. dollars and must be paid in advance by check, money order, or online by credit card on our website via Paypal's secure server. Please do not send cash. Students may purchase a single lesson at a time or a block of monthly lessons for 3, 6, or 12 months in advance. Students are free to change the payment options once their current order has expired.

International students please note: Payments sent from other countries should be made out in dollars and drawn on a United States bank. International money orders in U.S. dollars are acceptable. Credit card payments may be paid by ordering online using Paypal's secure server.

Select the option below that is your preference:

If I enroll, I will pay by check or money order .

If I enroll, I will pay by credit card online.

I am enrolled and want to order lessons by credit card online .

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